Creating a wall-mounted mason jar herb garden is a fantastic DIY project that not only adds a touch of greenery to your space but also provides fresh herbs for your culinary adventures.

The only difference is that for me Home Depot shopping was an epic adventure! So, I waltz into the store with the DIY project in mind, a heart full of optimism, and a shopping list that’s basically a mystical scroll of items. Here’s how it went down:

Me: (Walking into Home Depot like I’m on a mission to change the world) Alright, let’s do this!

Home Depot Employee: (With a knowing grin) Welcome to Home Depot! How can I assist you today?

Me: (Confidently handing over my shopping list) I need these items for a fantastic DIY project – a mason jar herb garden, you know, the works!

Employee: (Glancing at the list) Sure thing! Let’s see here… mason jars, hose clamps, screws, anchors, wooden board, paint, hanging hardware…

Me: (Nodding vigorously) Yep, that’s the list!

Employee: (Gives me a curious look) Okay, but do you know the dimensions and quantities you need?

Me: (Feeling slightly deflated) Well, I thought I’d just wing it, you know, let the creative juices flow!

Employee: (Smiles politely) Creative indeed. So, what size board are you looking for?

Me: (Pauses) Uh…the wooden kind?

Employee: (Suppressing a chuckle) Right. How about hose clamps?

Me: (Looking increasingly uncertain) Hose…clamps? I guess…not too big, not too small?

Employee: (Now openly amused) Got it. Screws and anchors?

Me: (Frowning) Anchors? Like, ones that hold ships in place?

Employee: (Trying not to laugh) No, ma’am. Wall anchors. And how about paint?

Me: (Grinning weakly) Any colour you recommend for…a project?

Employee: (Politely) Well, we have lots of colours to choose from. Anything specific you had in mind?

Me: (Attempting to look confident) Surprise me!

Employee: (Now genuinely smiling) Alright, I’ll grab everything you might need, but how about we check the measurements and quantities first?

Me: (Relieved) Yes, please!

And so, after a series of amusing miscalculations and some well-intentioned guidance, I walked out of Home Depot with the right materials, a newfound respect for DIY projects, and a hilarious story to tell about my epic shopping adventure. DIY may stand for “Do It Yourself,” but sometimes, it’s better to “Do It Y’allself” with a little help from the experts at Home Depot!

Picture this: I’ve returned from Home Depot, armed with a bag full of goodies for my mason jar herb garden project. I’ve got mason jars, hose clamps, screws, anchors, a wooden board, paint, and even some hanging hardware – everything I need to channel my inner DIY guru. I lay out all my items like an overenthusiastic surgeon preparing for surgery. Mason jars – check. Hose clamps – check. Screws, anchors, wooden board – check, check, and check. Now, it’s time to assemble this masterpiece.

Step 1: The Board Ballet: I start with the wooden board, which I’ve decided to name “Woody.” But, uh-oh, Woody is a bit wider than expected. After some acrobatics, I manage to balance him on the kitchen table, half hanging off the edge. Not ideal, but it’ll work!

Step 2: The Clamping Chronicles: Next up, those hose clamps. I’ve got a bunch of them, so I feel like a cowboy in a spaghetti western, loading up my holster. But as I try to attach them to Woody, they seem as slippery as a greased pig at a county fair. It takes me a while, but eventually, they’re all secure…ish.

Step 3: Jar Jamboree: I take the Mason jars and start to screw them onto the hose clamps. Only, I didn’t consider that Mason jars aren’t exactly uniform. They wobble like a tipsy uncle at a family reunion. One even decides to play dead and rolls onto the floor, where it miraculously survives.

Step 4: Color Chaos: As I admire my semi-tilted, wobbly mason jar herb garden, I remember that I bought the paint. I grab the paintbrush and get ready for a Picasso moment. Except, in my enthusiasm, I knock the paint can over, spilling it all over Woody. Suddenly, Woody is going through a very vibrant midlife crisis.

Step 5: The Anchors Away Adventure: I still have those anchors to use. After a few failed attempts to secure them into the wall, I decided that Woody had enough piercings for one day.

Step 6: Hanging Hysterics: Finally, I attempt to hang my masterpiece on the wall using the hanging hardware. Only, my wall turns out to be some sort of impenetrable fortress. I’m hammering away like a demented woodpecker when I suddenly hear my neighbour yell, “What’s going on in there?”

The Grand Reveal: After all the ups and downs, I stand back to admire my handiwork. It’s a mason jar herb garden alright, but it’s leaning like the Tower of Pisa, painted in an avant-garde mishmash of colours, and looks like it might spontaneously disassemble at any moment.

But hey, it’s my masterpiece, my DIY adventure, and most importantly, my hilarious story to tell. Who knew gardening could be this…quirky and three times more expensive than a store-bought one?

Here’s how you can make one based on specialists:

Materials Needed:

Mason jars (as many as you want), Hose clamps (one for each mason jar), Screws and wall anchors, A wooden board (length depends on the number of jars), Paint (optional, for decorating the board), Hanging hardware (picture hooks or wall brackets), Soil and herb plants or seeds, Screwdriver, Drill, Measuring tape, Pencil.


  1. Prepare Your Board: Measure and cut your wooden board to your desired length. Sand it smooth and paint it if you want to add a splash of colour.
  2. Attach Hose Clamps: Position the hose clamps on the board where you want to place your mason jars. Make sure they are evenly spaced and level. Mark the spots where you’ll need to drill holes for attaching the hose clamps.
  3. Drill Holes: Drill pilot holes at the marked spots on the board. These holes should be just big enough for your screws.
  4. Attach Hose Clamps to the Board: Open the hose clamps and place them over the pilot holes. Secure them to the board using screws. Ensure they are tightened securely.
  5. Prepare Mason Jars: Fill your mason jars with potting soil and plant your herbs or sow herb seeds. Be sure to choose herbs that grow well indoors and in the given space.
  6. Hang the Board: Attach picture hooks or wall brackets to the back of the board. Ensure they are securely fastened to the wall with wall anchors if necessary.
  7. Hang the Board: Hang your prepared board on the wall at the desired height.
  8. Mount the Mason Jars: Open the hose clamps and slide each mason jar into a clamp. Close the clamp tightly around the neck of the jar, securing it in place. Make sure the jars are snug but not too tight to avoid damaging them.
  9. Water and Care: Water your herbs as needed, ensuring they get enough sunlight. Be cautious not to overwater, as mason jars don’t have drainage holes.
  10. Enjoy Your Herb Garden:

Your wall-mounted mason jar herb garden is now ready! Harvest fresh herbs as needed for cooking or simply enjoy the greenery in your living space. This DIY project allows you to add a touch of nature to your home while also having fresh herbs readily available for your culinary creations. It’s a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any space.

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