I planned a strategy to surprise my kid during our time together before heading on the trip.
I wanted to go above and beyond. So, before picking him up, I made sure the car was stocked with all his favourite snacks and plenty of water to keep us fueled. Empanadas, croissants, and apples were on the menu, a little something to keep those hunger cramps at bay. It was finally time to pick him up, and the joy in his eyes was evident. He climbed into the car, and we were on our way. He was so thrilled that he didn’t even think to ask where we were headed until we passed the Queensborough Bridge and he realized we were heading to New Jersey. His cute face of investigation was priceless, and it was the start of a day filled with new experiences and great memories.

With our member passes freshly renewed for Six Flags, we decided to kick off the adventure with a visit to their safari park. Little did we know that the long weekend had attracted quite a crowd, and the lines were nothing short of epic. But patience is a virtue, and after what felt like a small eternity, we finally made it to the safari. Six Flags Safari in New Jersey is a real wildlife attraction. We were fascinated by so many wildlife species we saw during our drive through the park. Majestic lions lazing in the sun, lively giraffes strolling past, and curious zebras that looked as interested in us as we were in them. The safari’s drive-through adventure was, of course, the best part. We used our car and embarked on a journey through habitats that felt a world away from the theme park’s bustling atmosphere. We were greeted by towering giraffes who gracefully stretched their necks to meet us at eye level, and mischievous monkeys who played a lively game of hide-and-seek on our vehicle. During the safari, we had a chance also to gain some insights and details from the audio guide provided at the entrance. We got an incredible chance that allowed us to be so close to some of the animals, like emus and zebras that were walking around. We saw water buffalos, elephants, and a pride of regal-looking tigers as we drove farther into the safari. Each section of the park offered fresh surprises, and it was an exciting experience that left us with a renewed respect for the beauty and diversity of the animal species. Despite the long lines and the scorching sun, our day at the Six Flags Safari was a wild success. As we finished the tour in the park we couldn’t help but feel excited for the incredible opportunity to observe those remarkable animals so close to us.

As the safari trip came to an end, we discovered that our day had really just begun. We couldn’t simply head home with all the excitement still buzzing in the air. So, from 5 PM until the park’s closing time at 9 PM, we decided to make the most of every thrilling moment Six Flags had to offer. Now, it’s no secret that theme parks can get a bit crowded, especially during a long weekend. But it wasn’t going to discourage us. We had a plan to go on each ride and experience every piece of fun that this park had to offer.
As the day progressed, the crowds began to diminish, and by the time the sun began to set below the horizon, there were almost no people remaining. It was as if the park had transformed into our own private playground. Riding roller coasters in the dark took the thrill to a whole new level. The rush of wind in our faces, the exhilarating drops, and the twists and turns all felt more intense under the cover of night. It was such a great experience that boosted our adrenaline levels bursting us into uncontrollable laughter. One of the most memorable moments was taking a lift on the park’s ski ride in the dark. Suspended high above the ground, we had an incredible vantage point to admire the park’s dazzling lights and the twinkling stars above. It had been a magnificent journey like a dream come true. As the clock neared 9 PM, we reluctantly wrapped up our adventure, our hearts full of exhilaration and our smiles stretching from ear to ear. What seemed to be an ordinary Sunday turned out to be a day filled with observing wildlife, heart-pounding excitement, and laughter, making it the perfect way to enjoy the long weekend together.

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