“If we choose to, we can live in a world of comforting illusions. We can allow ourselves to be deceived by false realities. Or we can use them to hide our true intentions.”

― Emily Thorne

I was wrapped in a silk veil when I came into this life, like a caterpillar in my cocoon, waiting to become a butterfly. Throughout time, I was kept in a state of illusions, with a mask covering my true self. I was born with innocence, like a blank canvas, ready to be painted in rainbow colours. As a child, I discovered this world, and everything seemed fascinating, from the first leaf I saw to the last stone I stepped on. Unfortunately, my path had hidden obstacles, and there was always intervention in my true desires. My parents wanted to impose everything they never achieved onto my goals. The teachers inspired me with their knowledge, the pastors, the friends, and everyone around me who didn’t always have the best intentions.

However, I couldn’t blame others for my failures because their beliefs were their truth, and it was up to me to apply everything based on my own. I followed what others told me to do, in school, at work, and with families, but I forgot that by doing so, I was only chasing after an illusion, like a carrot on a stick, which kept me away from my true purpose in life. When I wanted to play, I had to do homework. When I wanted to study new things, I was caught up in the responsibilities of adult life and focused on bills and expenses. When I experienced the bliss of a child inspired by nature, I was told to behave and not get dirty. Everything felt like a mystery box that opened its door only once, and if I didn’t grasp what was offered from the beginning, it closed, making it pointless to ask for another chance.

I hid behind these illusions and couldn’t find the courage to stand up for my true desires. I couldn’t find the strength to sever the cords of attachment and break free from the deceptions that dragged me down into despair. I could pretend for the rest of my life that I was happy with where I was and what I had achieved, or I could take the risk of walking barefoot on hot stones and broken glass to make it to the other side. Was I driven by motivation or illusions? Was I truly on the right path when it came to my achievements and desires, or was I simply influenced by everything that surrounded me over time?

“Whatever is a reality today, whatever you touch and believe in and that seems real for you today, is going to be – like the reality of yesterday – an illusion tomorrow.”

Luigi Pirandello

It came one day when I wanted to have something only for myself, like a birthday cake, where I could blow the candles and make a wish. Unfortunately, I thought I could do it better than others, so instead of buying a carrot cake from the store, I decided to make it from scratch using the best and highest quality ingredients. Not all the eggs were fresh, and not all the carrots were perfect, so I went even further and decided to buy the land where everything would grow in the most organic environment.

No one knew the amount of work that went into a single slice of cake, and I faced the harsh reality when I invested everything into this ambitious plan. I experienced a couple of droughts on the field, encountered diseases with the animals I had raised, and faced a few hot and cold days that slowed my progress. Despite my despair, I still had faith and a goal, so I put all my effort into making my dream come true: a perfect carrot cake. After numerous failures, I finally had all the ingredients on the table, but no one had told me how to properly mix them to achieve the spongy layers and creamy texture.

I learned to mix the ingredients and, with some luck, managed not to burn anything, covering my cake in a soft buttercream. However, there were no sprinkles on top, and despite all the effort I had put in, it still felt like something was missing. With the last bit of strength I had left, I closed my eyes and made my wish. And now, what? Wasn’t it easier to just buy the cake from the store? Was all the effort even worth it, or was it just an illusion I created in my mind, turning a small thing into a life purpose? Perhaps if I hadn’t spent all my time chasing this ambition that only slowed my journey, I wouldn’t have come this far, because I was merely following the illusory carrot.

“What is the point of searching for love, when love is nothing but an illusion?”

― Marie Lu

I searched for love throughout my entire life, placing hope and wishes in every soul that seemed familiar to me. However, they were merely omens meant to teach me new lessons or make me understand that love is nothing more than an illusion. Love surrounds everything in our world, and no one can give me something I already have within my own soul. I sought light in the darkest places of this world, oblivious to the fact that everything around me radiated in a divine glow, illuminating every moment of life.

I yearned for understanding and acceptance from people who were no better than me, forgetting that my true belonging lies with nature, constantly renewing and rising from ashes. I entrusted my dreams to weak arms that could barely carry their own burdens, failing to realize that I was already blessed with this life. I pursued treasures and amassed wealth, focusing on material needs and problem-solving, while neglecting reliability, harmony, balance, stability, family, loved ones, and new beginnings.

I should never desire someone in a selfish manner, but rather someone with whom I can share the love that overflows within me. I followed the illusions that suggested one person needed to belong to another, forgetting that we are all interconnected, and through our true love, we help one another grow and embrace the beauty that surrounds us. I should cultivate mutual friendships without false promises or hidden agendas with the people I love and admire the most.

Unfortunately, I was not honest with myself, often mistaking lust for love and innocence for mere needs. I believed I loved when, in reality, I was simply too afraid to face the truth, placing my hopes and dreams in the hands of others to resolve. I created a facade, attempting to make everyone believe they belonged to me when in reality, I am free to follow my own path. I shared time and space, yet I followed my true intentions. I should never search for love because I am love itself; instead, I should seek someone who has yet to discover it, not someone who is too selfish to admit that love cannot be forced but must be earned.

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