“I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world, but still I am not what I once used to be, and by the grace of God I am what I am”

― John Newton

I used to be a tear, falling gently to the ground, and from there, my journey began. I followed the meandering path of rivers and streams, joining the warm waters that flowed into mighty seas, and finally, I found myself in the vast expanse of the ocean. Today, I am that ocean—a vast, calm, and peaceful entity, yet holding the potential to unleash the mightiest of storms.

My waves extend an invitation to all who wish to float upon them, providing a gentle embrace to those who approach with respect. But disturb my serene silence, and my nerves become as turbulent as the wildest hurricane. I raise my waters closer to the shore, making them reachable for those who dare to dream and aspire. Yet, if I sense a lack of true intention, I can just as swiftly reclaim what was offered, like the ebb and flow of the tides on empty nights.

But even as I stand as this vast ocean, I can’t help but feel a disconnect from what I once aspired to be. Time has passed since those dreams were first carved into my consciousness, and now they seem like distant memories, faded by the passage of time. Perhaps what I once wanted to become is now beyond my reach, and the effort required to achieve it may no longer seem worthwhile.

Across distant waters, far from the lands I once knew, I find myself transformed, like a rebirth through a sweet baptism, cleansed of my old self. I remain unchanged, regardless of the circumstances that surround me, the people I encounter, or the victories and disappointments that mark my journey.

I am who I am today, and what you see is all there is to me. I understand that your perceptions and interpretations are shaped by your own biases, and thus, you may only scratch the surface of my being. If you wish to know me better, to delve into the depths of my soul, be prepared for a daunting adventure. The darker corners of my essence require courage and ample oxygen supply, as you’ll need to dive deep and hold your breath to explore them fully.

As the ocean, I embrace freedom. My vastness and power are awe-inspiring, but they also demand respect. If you choose to join me on this journey, prepare yourself for an unpredictable ride. My waves can soar higher than expected, and small mistakes may lead to an unexpected overturn.

I am the ocean, a realm of endless possibilities and mysteries. My vastness and depth can leave you in awe, and my calm surface may tempt you with beauty. But remember, what you discover depends on how much you dare to explore. And even then, I remain an enigma, for the essence of an ocean is as boundless as the horizon, free and incomprehensible.

“Developing the ability to set forth into the world knowing I am ENOUGH, is all I need to live a Healthy, Happy, and FREE Lifestyle that I love because I am enough.”

― Nick Catricala

I was enough. Though my life didn’t contain everything I once wished for, and not all of my dreams came to a realisation, I found pleasure in having what I needed to be at peace. I realized that an abundance beyond our necessities can become burdensome, weighing us down with responsibilities that disrupt our serenity.

Over the years, I became layered like sediments, each stratum representing a chapter of my life and carrying pieces of myself that could only be unveiled with good intentions and effort. The surface, the most accessible layer, held the marks of my recent decisions and the stories that people around me were already acquainted with. But as you delved deeper, you would begin to understand the roots of my present actions, buried in the histories of my past.

Some scientists project past experiences from present observations, but for me, the process works in reverse. To comprehend why I behave as I do today, you would need to excavate the hidden history of my past. Only then would the puzzle of my actions fall into place, revealing the reasons behind my choices and behaviour.

In this complexity lies the essence of who I am—an amalgamation of experiences, emotions, and thoughts that shaped my identity over time. And while I may not have achieved all my aspirations, the layers of my being have accumulated into a foundation of peace and bliss.

“I am not what you see.

I am what time and effort and interaction slowly unveil.”

― Richelle E. Goodrich

I was not merely what met the eye; that was just the image gracing the cover. I associated myself more with an enigmatic mystery box than a book waiting to be read. I presented clues, hints, and a few keys, allowing others to embark on the journey of deciphering my enigma. But there was a catch—only one door could be opened at a time, and the next challenge awaited only after the previous mystery was solved.

The game was simple in its concept, yet it demanded patience and perseverance. It was a journey of exploration and discovery, where each room held a piece of the puzzle that ultimately revealed the story of who I was. The process was deliberate, unfolding step by step, inviting others to immerse themselves in the thrill of the unknown.

But there was a warning for those who felt tempted to abandon the game midway. If they chose to give up before completing the adventure, they would be left to find their own way out, as I offered no guidance in such cases. However, for those who required more time to unlock the secrets of a particular room, I was ever patient, allowing as much time as they needed. And should they seek help, I was ready and willing to offer a guiding hand.

As the game progressed, the surfaces that had concealed my story began to slowly unveil, layer by layer. It was an engaging and delightful experience, provided one dared to take the first step. The key ingredients—time, interaction, and effort—were what chipped away at the barriers, revealing the depths of my being.

It was indeed a fun game, but only for the courageous souls willing to embark on this journey of discovery. I, the mystery box, awaited those who dared to open my doors, eager to share the intricate and intriguing facets of my story with those brave enough to delve into the enigma that was me.

I’m tired of defending my character. I am what I am. What you see is what you get.” – Dana Plato

I was scared, and I decided not to hide it any longer. The weight of my hurt and sadness was too much to pretend that everything was fine. I grew tired of defending my character and seeking approval from those who felt entitled to interfere in my life. I knew I was more than the judgments cast upon me, more than what was acknowledged or even recognized by others. But if I were to halt my life to prove myself to everyone, I’d squander precious moments that could be better spent on self-discovery and growth.

Though I found myself alone, I embraced the solitude without feeling lonely. I discovered solace in everything that breathed life into me when it seemed like everything was falling apart. My sadness lingered only momentarily until I found a fresh perspective, allowing me to see the very things that once tormented me in a new light.

The chill in the air may have caused me to shiver, but it couldn’t dampen the warmth that beautiful things brought into my life and soul. Every day, I found comfort in the splendour of my surroundings, bringing joy and solace to my being.

In my entirety, I was simply who I was, without any apologies. It was about acceptance, regardless of the selfish attitudes that sometimes clouded our judgment. If we truly cared for someone, we would embrace them just as they were, without any desire to change them. To do otherwise would mean the demise of one soul and the blossoming of another.

And so, I chose to be unapologetically myself—scared, hurt, sad, and all. Those aspects were an integral part of my being, and accepting them was the key to my growth and self-realization. If others couldn’t embrace me as I was, then I would stand tall and true, seeking those who valued me for who I truly was. Life was too precious to waste on trying to fit into someone else’s mould. I chose authenticity over conformity, and in that decision, I found liberation and inner peace.

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