I was born into this world, and from the first hours of life, I seemed weak and in constant need of nurturing. Life brought its challenges, and everything around me had an influence on the decisions I made, whether I believed it or not. However, the true power didn’t reside in the hands of others; it was within me, like a spark in a lightbulb when the switch is turned on. Well, that only happens with electricity, but you get the idea.

Throughout my lifetime, I might have been influenced, but I soon discovered that my power was greater than I ever imagined. I had the ability to start or stop, to let go and start anew. I could rise from the ashes like a phoenix because my mind held the key. With a clear wish guiding my path, what followed felt divine. Although I often felt hopeless and abandoned, the power of motivation and encouragement lifted my spirits, straightened my posture, and infused my days with confidence.

Obstacles lurked in every corner, whispering for me to give up, offering false hope, and trying to discourage my beliefs. My mind connected everything I felt, saw, tasted, or wished for, and that’s why negative influences tried to disrupt and create chaos in my life. I imagined my mind as a battery, and the more I charged it with knowledge and kept my curiosity high, the more powerful it became.

Just like muscles need training to grow stronger, the mind needs conscious effort to be useful. Both body and mind might degrade over time, but a well-trained mind will always surpass the strength of a once-powerful body. I always admired the elderly because, even in their apparent physical weakness, their minds still spoke volumes. I could sit and listen to their stories for hours without growing tired.

Today, I am younger and stronger, but the real power lies within my mind. As I continue to plant the seeds of knowledge, I dream of the time when I can harvest the fruits of understanding and everything will make better sense. For now, all I need to do is keep my curiosity alive and my mind clear, so I can embrace the beautiful things this life on Earth has to offer.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” – Sophia Loren

Creation. What a beautiful word with such a beautiful meaning. Bare rocks created a forest; it only took patience, wind, sun, and weather variations. Clay and hay created homes in old times, and bare hands brought fresh-baked bread to the table from the oven. Everything is creation, and behind all these inventions, there stands a brilliant mind that once had an idea. Every creation made was meaningful, even if it started as a failure because every mistake came with perseverance and led to a better idea.

Nature is the main teacher we have to understand creation. The seasons rotate for us to continuously improve and develop new ideas, providing time and examples for our brilliant minds. On busy days, I had less time to silence my mind, and in continuous chaos, it got harder to come up with great ideas. A curious mind asks questions, and sometimes many of those questions cannot be left unanswered. So when everything around us spins so fast, when we get so busy with life, and we get bombarded with all the news and disturbing noise, isn’t it toxic?

An unplugged mind gives a working body great power for manipulating, controlling, and influencing, but a sharp one questions everything. A bigger group of controlled people may seem intimidating, but a smaller one of clear-minded individuals can have better strategies to defend themselves. The power stays in the mind, not in the hands.

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” – William Plomer

A part exerting influence over another part using power sounded horrible, but when two parts were united for the same goals, it raised the potential for double the impact. Many times, power was used not for creation but for destruction. Narcissists used these tactics to intimidate weaker individuals in their lives and to feel powerful. However, in reality, their incapability to use power for creation only led them towards consumption.

It was easy to spot these types of personalities when all they cared about and wanted to achieve was for their own good. In the same way, we got bad influences from many things around us, but those only affected us if we allowed them to. The balls were always in our court, and the decisions stayed in our hands, using our minds. Once we allowed anything less that didn’t fit our standards in any way, and settled for less, it brought us to the lowest level we could achieve.

Miracles were made for those people who reached the bottom and still had hope. They used their intuition and their minds to make a plan, find an escape, and begin a new life away from any harm. A good life was made with a clear mind that looked for hope, not under the hard fists that showed power through their weight.

I had the power, you had the power, and we all had the power to change this world for a better one. Many times, I felt like I didn’t fit into the standards, but my creativity, curiosity, and willingness to face challenges gave me the power to thrive. If I could make it to this point, I believed that anyone could do it, even if they were feeling disappointed and overwhelmed by life’s unfairness. I spoke up, wrote, and showed others what I learned, believing that one day, connecting all these dots would create a powerful world where everything was possible, and we were all aware of it.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” – Alice Walker

I used my hands to pray and my mind to keep my prayers up, trusting that one day, miracles would happen, and little by little, I saw those miracles manifesting in my life. Each small victory and positive change gave me the confidence and determination to keep going, spreading hope and inspiration to others along the way. As I continued to embrace the power within me, I realized that the key to creating a better world was not just in my own actions but in the collective efforts of all individuals who believed in the possibility of change. Together, we could build a world that valued kindness, compassion, and understanding, where everyone’s voice was heard and respected.

In this journey of transformation, I faced setbacks and challenges, but I never lost sight of the vision I held in my heart – a world where love triumphed over hatred, where unity replaced division, and where every soul thrived in harmony with nature and one another. I shared my experiences, stories, and dreams with others, igniting sparks of hope and inspiration in their hearts as well. And just like a network of interconnected lights, our collective power illuminated the darkest corners of the world, dispelling fear and replacing it with hope.

So, I kept on walking my path, knowing that the power to change the world lay not just in grand gestures but also in the smallest acts of kindness and love. As I spread my message, more and more people joined the movement, recognizing that together, we had the power to create the world we desired. With every positive action, with every expression of empathy, and with every decision to uplift one another, we were shaping a world that was more compassionate, more just, and more beautiful.

The power was never elusive; it was always within us, waiting to be unleashed. And as we continued to harness this power for good, we felt the collective strength of humanity, moving together toward a brighter future. In this journey of co-creation, I learned that true power came not from dominating others but from empowering them, from lifting each other up, and from building bridges instead of walls.

So, I kept believing, and I kept acting, knowing that change was not an overnight process but a continuous, intentional effort. And I held on to the faith that with every step we took, with every heart we touched, and with every soul we inspired, we were inching closer to the world we had always envisioned – a world powered by love, hope, and the unshakeable belief that we could make a difference.

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