I was propelled by passion, firmly believing that I could achieve all the goals I had set in my mind. I made choices that weren’t always the wisest, driven by a force that pushed me forward, fueled by a frenzied energy that granted me courage. Though fear and uncertainty crept into my life at times, my unyielding motivation echoed the words, “I will persevere.”

Blinded by the allure of potential outcomes, I disregarded the sense of risk that accompanied the relentless pursuit of my desired destination. No matter how many obstacles arose or how long the journey became, every desire I held bestowed upon me an extraordinary power. There was an innate quality to human actions that ignited my motivation in the face of the unknown. My hopes and beliefs became secret weapons, elevating me from a mere mortal to a divine being, forever seeking one more opportunity.

When guided by courage, no mountain proved insurmountable, no ocean too deep, and no barriers obstructing love were too formidable. I defied the ordinary, leaping over turbulent waters, and treading upon fiery paths, all while shouldering the weight of heavy burdens amidst the depths of intense emotions. Enveloped in pure love, I felt invincible, drawing strength that kept me alive.

However, there were days when I needed the courage to forge ahead, even when nothing unfolded as planned. I had to summon the strength to stay committed to my decisions, resisting the allure of the tumultuous dance between love and disappointment.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

― Lao Tzu

I needed to gather the strength within me to confront and overcome the obstacles that life presented, understanding that there was no quick fix to rely on. It was a struggle to maintain my determination when everything seemed to crumble around me, and it felt even more challenging to keep myself intact when everything had already fallen apart. I longed for motivation and encouragement, although my personal desires often deviated from the greater purpose at hand.

I held steadfast to my virtues, enduring the stones thrown at me from all sides, oblivious to the fact that I could use them to build protective walls and give life an opportunity to thrive once again. It was my inner strength that bound me together as things began to crumble, mending and healing what was already broken, a task that demanded much from a mere human being. However, the consequences of surrendering and reverting to the starting point were much more daunting, with no chance of retracing my steps. This realization empowered me with the strength and determination to avoid returning to a time and place that had once presented immense challenges.

Rarely did I fully grasp the extent of my progress unless I observed myself from a different perspective, looking back at the chaos that threatened to drag me down. I yearned for greater courage to depart before it was too late. I refused to let my wounds linger indefinitely; I had a purpose here, to uncover the true essence of love and to understand that no matter how deep the ocean, there was always a bottom. All I needed was enough strength to push my feet forward each morning, walking as if I owned the path. Strength was my ultimate goal, as I desired nothing that would lead me back to weakness.

“If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Temperance acted as the protective shield that enveloped my life with virtue. I understood the significance of practising moderation, ensuring that I provided my body and soul with what they required without succumbing to excess. I acknowledged the existence of my needs and desires, yet I realized that no amount of food, drinks, sexual experiences, or activities could compensate for the loss incurred when I neglected my well-being. I recognized the importance of treating myself fairly, striving to establish a sense of balance by prioritizing sufficient sleep, embracing moments of laughter, diligently pursuing my work, nurturing my imagination, and never underestimating the value of rest.

The responsibility for my physical and mental welfare rested upon my shoulders, as I grasped the understanding that acknowledging my inherent worth was integral to fulfilling my purpose. The people with whom I formed connections served as mirrors, reflecting back to me my true essence. I comprehended that no amount of drama, injustice, or mistreatment of others would propel me closer to my intended path. It was within the realm of human interactions and the display of compassion that I discovered my authentic self.

Justice was not confined to other realms; it found its place here on Earth. By disregarding the virtues of temperance, I risked the deterioration of my body, the emptiness of my soul, and the clouding of my mind. I would descend into a realm where I was expected to embody perfection. As I aspired to make a significant impact in life, I often forgot that I already possessed all that was necessary to attain perfection. It was crucial for me to remember that my desires should never overshadow the genuine needs that propelled me towards becoming the best version of myself.

“It is the power of temperance, the steadying hand of wisdom, and the warmth of love for all that shapes my words even in the midst of the most heightened of disagreements. For if I allow temperance, wisdom, and the warmth of love to guide any engagement I may have (even though it might be one with my most hostile enemy), I will have set the stage for a place where seemingly unassailable walls can come down, hands can be extended in unexpected friendship, and the impossible is made impossibly possible.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

With every ounce of courage, strength, and temperance I possessed, my purpose remained unfulfilled unless justice permeated every aspect of my life. Consequences should not discriminate between good and bad, but rather reward each accordingly. Justice stood as a close kin to karma, ensuring that I received what I deserved. I embraced the weight of responsibility for my actions, knowing that my words and the environment I created around me shaped my very identity.

My purpose revolved around striving for personal growth and approaching the realm of perfection, but the path I chose to traverse was a matter of choice, deserving of its own rewards. While these rewards may have appeared enticing from an external vantage point, their longevity hinged upon the strength of my character. Just as a dehydrated plant thrives when nourished with water, sunlight, and care, so too could my endeavors flourish and regain strength.

I did not passively await these rewards to manifest in my life; instead, I recognized that my actions, words, and the company I kept yielded tangible results, often sooner than expected. While I may yearn for numerous things and individuals, it is essential to focus my time and energy on pursuits far beyond mere expectations. When I invest myself in a singular endeavor, I can overflow it with boundless love and care. However, when I share the gifts I possess with a wider circle, the potential for accomplishment expands immeasurably.

Courage accompanies the commencement of my journey, temperance guides my aspirations, and strength propels my every action. Yet, paramount among these virtues is justice, for it enables me to be fair to myself, ultimately bringing me closer to the elusive embrace of happiness.

“A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. Each should have its own reward.”

― George R.R.

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